About Us

The Black Gay Men’s Network of Ontario is a centralized hub for same-gender-loving men of African, African diaspora, Afro-Latino, Caribbean and Black identities, operating from Toronto as an independent and autonomous entity.

Our goal is to provide cultural, intergenerational and mentorship opportunities, leadership, self-development and empowerment as well as activism support aimed at improving the lives of Black queer people in Ontario.

Featured Content: We are excited to share From Our Point of View (FOPOV) with community members! FOPOV is an interview series centering the voices, experiences, stories & journeys of Black Queer artists, activists & community members in Ontario

FOPOV ft Marcus Nance premiers on BGMN’s website Nov 3 @ 6pm EST

Looking for ways to get involved?

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Our Team

Contact us – email: [email protected]


Talkin’ Books Book Club

Join us on March 21st for Talkin’ Books, BGMN’s new book club. Our panel will discuss The Prophets by Robert Jones Jr. We have 4 signed copies of the book available for 4 lucky attendees. Hosted by Neil Armstrong. Panelists will be Courtnay McFarlane, Dr. Christopher Smith, and Dr. Lance McCready.

JOY care edition

Join us for JOY- Care Edition This holistic wellness workshop features guest panelists and Q&A. This fun and engaging session will have everything you need to JOY in taking care of your total self. Make sure to register – https://bit.ly/3nj4Qa4


Highlighting our own Black gay talent